Authomize: Automatically Eliminate Authorization Chaos

Dotan Bar Noy


"We built Authomize Together to provide the tools and knowledge necessary for partners to bring value and solve customer problems while building a profitable and innovative authorization security business alongside our expertise."

The statistical risk that a percentage of the organization's identities will be compromised climbs as the number of identities grows. Authomize assists companies in implementing the defense in depth necessary to reduce the chance of a breach by limiting access to the bare minimum required and continually monitoring for security policy violations that might put the assets at danger. Authomize was formed by a group of seasoned and innovative entrepreneurs that recognized the issues that IT and Security teams confront in today's complex environment in organizing and safeguarding authorizations. Authomize is the first platform for automating authorization security management. They help businesses reduce IAM risk by offering comprehensive visibility and centralized, granular control over their identity and asset access controls across all of their cloud environments (laaS, Saas, Data).

Authomize produces a complete map of all identities, accounts, assets, access policies, authorizations, user behaviors, and the links between them, starting with a one-click SaaS setup. This allows for continuous security policy monitoring and automatic violation remedies to maintain business continuity and compliance. Based on a comprehensive understanding of not just which identities have access to which assets but also how that access is utilized down to the most granular level, machine learning algorithms deliver human-readable, actionable prescriptive advice for how to enhance the security posture. For quick implementation, Authomize features a one-click integration. They provide out-of-the-box connectors for all major platforms (AWS, Azure, GCP, O365, Salesforce, GitHub, and many others), as well as an Open API framework for connecting custom and old programs.

Authomize enables organizations to achieve full observability over all of their asset inventory to know which ones are externally exposed. Take control of your external authorizations, enforce security policies, and reduce your threat surface with data-driven threat modeling.

Authomize has also made social impact a major component of its partner ecosystem, donating 1% of its revenue from working with partners to local charitable groups. Employees at Authomize will pick at least three groups to help each year as part of the initiative. In addition, for each partner that joins Authomize Together, the firm plants 25 trees. "We built Authomize Together to provide the tools and knowledge necessary for partners to bring value and solve customer problems while building a profitable and innovative authorization security business alongside our expertise," says Authomize CEO, Dotan Bar Noy. "We are enabling our partners to differentiate their practice while incentivizing and supporting hyper growth."

To safeguard all apps and cloud services, Authomize continually monitors the businesses' identities, access privileges, assets, and actions. Authomize connect effortlessly to enterprises' applications and cloud services, collecting all necessary data and storing it in Graph's data-lake to assist security teams in achieving Zero Trust. Authomize enables businesses to establish a real Zero Trust architecture to reduce the risks associated with compromised identities. Control access to the most precious assets and keep an eye out for possible threats. Authomize enables enterprises to conform to security and compliance regulations by providing extensive observability, actionable insights, and remedial automation.

Authomize was founded by a group of seasoned and visionary entrepreneurs who identified the challenges IT and Security teams face in managing and securing authorizations in today’s complex environment. Authomize goal is to allow organizations to manage and secure today’s complex environment without compromising on productivity or security. The purpose of Authomize is to enable businesses to manage and safeguard today's complex environment without sacrificing productivity or security.

Authomize protects millions of identities and tens of millions of assets across a variety of organizations, sectors, and areas throughout the world. With this momentum, Authomize will continue to expand its worldwide reach to assist clients in reducing security risk and operational load in today's virtualized and dispersed systems. Authomize provides continuous protection and maintains adherence to security and compliance requirements, lowering IT effort and rapidly eliminating security concerns. "As the complexity and scale of managing and securing permissions in the cloud continue to grow, there is an obvious need for an AI-powered permission management solution," concludes Noy. "Authomize addresses the growing need for a unified solution that covers a wider range of identity and authorization use cases." Our platform offers a complete set of capabilities from the PAM, IGA, CIEM, and CSPM segments, which helps teams mitigate a broader range of security risks from a single solution.

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