Cyber Observer: Continuous End-To-End Cybersecurity Posture Management On-Premises, Cloud Services and Cloud Platforms

Shimon Becker

Co-Founder & CEO

“Cyber Observer is the only available Continuous Controls Monitoring (CCM) platform that connects and retrieves Critical Security Controls (CSC’s) from both environments, on-premises and in-cloud data sources, delivering continuously cyber security posture views and knowledge out-of-the-box”

With the changing number of threats and the growing hybrid work-culture, enterprises are overwhelmed with cybersecurity product fatigue and fragmentation. Many have cobbled together dozens of cybersecurity tools in a best-effort approach to keep at least one step ahead of rapidly evolving security threats and compliance requirements. This has resulted in a massively complex security infrastructure that is more exposed than ever to security threats and is hard to manage. Security and risk management executives are struggling to manage the cybersecurity gaps with the security stack they have in place, believing that technical cybersecurity tools are the magic bullet to solve all issues that continue and will continue to emerge on a daily and hourly basis. Bridging this gap between cybersecurity and the executives is Cyber Observer—the provider of a premier critical controls monitoring (CCM) solution that simplifies the way cybersecurity tools are monitored and managed. With a unified tool that allows teams to manage cybersecurity chaos, Cyber Observer empowers cybersecurity and risk management executives to manage their networks environments through end-to-end continuous monitoring of the various network environments – that are no longer just the on-premises network within the perimeter only, but also the cloud platforms environments.

Cyber Observer provides extensive cybersecurity detailed findings, in-depth and extensive reports, and insights, enabling cybersecurity stakeholders to manage the company’s cybersecurity posture in an unprecedented manner. Empowered by comprehensive awareness achieved with Cyber Observer, the managers can quickly identify misconfigurations (against the best practices) and critical issues. “Cyber Observer is the only available Continuous Controls Monitoring (CCM) platform that connects and retrieves Critical Security Controls (CSC’s) from both environments, on-premises and in-cloud data sources, delivering continuously cyber security posture views and knowledge out-of-the-box,” explains Shimon Becker, Co-Founder and CEO, Cyber Observer.

The highly advanced Cyber Observer platform continuously monitors and reports on security issues from the various network environments – their on-premises networks, cloud platforms environments, and cloud applications and services running in the cloud (SaaS). This way, the company makes it easy to deploy, highly configurable, and manageable from a single intuitive interface that integrates with various cybersecurity tools within a client infrastructure. It is also mapped to the standards and frameworks relevant to the organization, with easy-to-understand and use frameworks views that present compliance posture to the leading standards and frameworks continuously (NIST CSF, ISO 27001, CIS, PCI, and more). Cyber Observer connects to and polls cybersecurity information from more than a hundred cybersecurity, IT, cloud platforms to enable businesses to manage their cybersecurity eco-system to close the critical security gaps and advance their security posture.

Before establishing Cyber Observer, its CEO, Becker, served for many years as IT infrastructure and IT Operation manager at one of the leading intelligence offices in Israel, managing huge IT infrastructure, PB’s storage, and several other systems. It is his decades of industry experience in managing an enterprise IT and security that is driving the company to success. Today, the team has assisted numerous organizations to continuously monitor tool performance and maintain alignment with cybersecurity, business, and regulatory frameworks. While explaining the value proposition of Cyber Observer, Becker recalls an instance when the team assisted Kettering Health in establishing its cyber hygiene. To maintain a strong security posture, Kettering Health selected Cyber Observer for its ability to monitor the IT security infrastructure continuously and provide actionable insights and recommendations to ensure cyber hygiene, achieve compliance with regulatory frameworks. Cyber Observer enables Kettering Health to be proactive and look for misconfigurations rather than wait for an incident. The simple dashboard provides instant insight into the state of the systems, potential misconfigurations, and policy failures. The client can now quickly evaluate a situation analysis and take immediate action, besides its simple dashboard enabling reporting and aligning with the NIST Cybersecurity Framework. Over another instance, Peter Van Lierde, CISO at Sibelga, said, “Cyber Observer provides full visibility on the connected, critical infrastructure components and specific security assets, the continuous auditing reflects configuration and security gaps to be closed in a clear and easy to understand way.”

To address the growing needs and complexity of compliance, Cyber Observer delivers comprehensive organizational awareness for international standards such as NIST CSF, NIST 800-53, ISO 27001, PCI-DSS, CIS Controls, GDPR, SWIFT CSCF, and more. At this point, Cyber Observer supports 100 tools on-premises, cloud services, and cloud platforms. “We enable businesses to align with the ever-changing regulations by keeping the standards and frameworks views always updated. At the beginning of 2022, our goal is to deliver a multi-tenancy SAAS platform for SMB customers and MSSP’s by using AWS and Azure cloud. Moreover, we are planning to support 200 tools by the end of 2022, based on customers’ needs and market demand,” concludes Becker.


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