Qohash: CISOs are in the perfect storm – and legacy tools can’t help them

Jean Le Bouthillier


"The company’s vision is to become a ubiquitous data security company trusted by leading organizations worldwide to protect their most valuable assets. "

The world of cybersecurity is experiencing massive paradigm shifts. The collection of consumer data is now highly regulated. Gartner analysts predict that by 2023, 65% of the world’s population will “have its personal data covered under modern privacy regulations.” Regulations require that any organization that collects personally identifiable data on consumers know where it is and how much they have, and take clear and provable steps to protect it.

There’s been a surge of remote workers. With Petabytes of data being created daily and moving across environments, information security teams face massive blindspots in the cloud and on endpoints. Additionally, an unprecedented amount of employee movement between jobs via the Great Resignation has led to an increase in the theft of proprietary data.

The cost of non-compliance is high, and the cost to remediate an incident resulting from a careless or negligent employee is even higher. Already a team that’s facing a major staffing shortage, Chief Information Security Officers and their teams are in the perfect storm – and the legacy data privacy tools in their tech stack are complicating the problem.

Qohash was designed to address all major complaints about legacy data privacy tools, including constant upsells, the cost of on-premises servers to run, and major blindspots on employee workstations where dark data can hide.

Having spent most of his career in defense and cybersecurity, Jean Le Bouthillier, Qohash’s CEO, and former Department of National Defense officer observed many organizations struggling with data security and regulatory challenges. He envisioned developing a solution that empowered businesses to meet compliance requirements and identify internal threats before they turn into a data breach.

He launched Qohash’s Qostodian platform in 2018, making meeting data privacy regulations and preventing insider data breaches quicker, easier, and more affordable than ever.

“Data is both an opportunity and a liability for businesses. We’re making finding and securing data easier while lowering the total cost of ownership,” says Jean Le Bouthillier, Qohash CEO. “QOSTODIAN scans all files, across all environments, while offering predictable pricing, with no on-premises servers required," says Le Bouthillier.

Qohash’s Qostodian platform brings two core functionalities into a single platform while providing a series of novel features that defy legacy limitations and give teams back time, money and resources. With Qohash’s Qostodian platform, installation is easy, execution is fast, and the UI is intuitive, saving businesses a lot of time typically spent on implementation and extensive training. The platform eliminates major blindspots and fixes the “data dump” problem prevalent with legacy tools. Qostodian scores, prioritizes, and contextualizes risk, focusing teams on the biggest threats first. Armed with a sensitive data risk intelligence dashboard, teams view risk levels by department and employee, with insight into how risk has changed and evolved over time. It also provides a “watch list” of risky individuals for closer monitoring.

Novel features include the tracking of specific data elements within files, such as individual credit cards, social security numbers and bank accounts. This enables Qostodian to monitor employee interactions with sensitive data 24/7, and provide alerts whenever risky employee behavior or policy violations occur. It also enables data lineage tracing, or a complete history of data movement across employees and locations – eliminating the need for manual investigations. As an added bonus, data is double encrypted, meaning it never leaves the customer's environment. All functionality is included in their flat rate fee, which is derived based on the size of their customers’ workforce. A single license covers all environments and requires zero costly on-premises servers to run.

The company’s vision is to become a ubiquitous data security company trusted by leading organizations worldwide to protect their most valuable assets. To achieve that, and help enterprises across industries thwart ever-rising security breaches and navigate dynamic regulatory scenarios, Qohash is expanding its product portfolio to include a fully managed, turnkey data security solution in 2023.

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