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WhistleBlower Security:

Enhancing GRC, Minimizing Risk!

Top 10 Canada Tech Solution Providers 2023

Assent Compliance: Bridging Compliance with Automation

Ongoing changes to the regulatory environment are powered by advanced technologies, ranging from social media to the IoT and decentralized trust systems. All this change makes governance, risk, and compliance (GRC) ever-more complex and expensive. Assent is a supply chain sustainability management solution dedicated to helping complex manufacturers bring responsible products worldwide. Assent offers the missing foundation for cross-enterprise sustainability shaped by regulatory Read More…

Qohash: CISOs are in the perfect storm – and legacy tools can’t help them

The world of cybersecurity is experiencing massive paradigm shifts. The collection of consumer data is now highly regulated. Gartner analysts predict that by 2023, 65% of the world’s population will “have its personal data covered under modern privacy regulations.” Regulations require that any organization that collects personally identifiable data on consumers know where it is and how much they have, and take clear and provable steps to protect it. Read More…

Rewind Software: A Unique Approach to SaaS Data Protection

After thirty-five years of enterprise digital transformation, the amount of data that’s around us today is unimaginable. The shift towards data-intensive, cloud-based computing can best be seen through the dramatic rise of SaaS. Overall spend per company is up 50%, unique apps in use is up 30%, and 80% of enterprises now expect to meet over ¾ of their software needs with SaaS. Read More…

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