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Top 10 Governance Solution Providers 2023

Beyond Governance: Establishing a Sound Governance Structure

Companies that get strong governance advice can eliminate inefficiencies, protect their reputation from the bad impacts of breaking the law and paying fines, and enhance earnings by concentrating on revenue-generating duties. When doing due diligence, effective governance ensures that everything is in order and the firm is presented in the best possible light. This is important for organizations looking for outside investment or an exit plan. In conclusion, excellent governance offers a good return Read More…

Diligent: Delivering Efficiency Across Audit Program

The contemporary governance movement was started by diligent. They serve 1 million people from more than 25,000 clients globally as the top governance, risk, and compliance (GRC) SaaS provider. This cutting-edge platform gives Leaders access to an integrated perspective of governance, risk, compliance, and ESG across their business. The game-changing concept is to equip leaders with the tools, knowledge, and connections they require to foster greater responsibility and impact — to lead with purpose. Read More…

ModelOp: Enabling Faster and Powerful Model Governance

As the AI market was evolving, two entrepreneurs, Pete Foley and Stu Bailey talked with many large, non-digital native enterprises and discovered there was a gap that wasn’t being addressed. That gap was the need for large enterprises to operationalize diverse types of models — not just new, AI models. In 2016, ModelOp was founded to address this gap, creating a team with strong competencies in data science, software engineering, business process, risk management and compliance. Read More…


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